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So, I know barely anything about cars, just to get that out there, and I figured you guys, having to deal with your crappy cars, know everything there is to know about auto repair and maintanence. (Don't worry, I had a crappy car too... a 90 Mitzu-bitchi Mirage, in fact, it finally died on me, of course on one of the busiest roads where I live. I thought it was out of my life, but turns out, it will now be my younger step brother's crappy car...eeksh)

Back to what I was saying...I bought a used '02 Chevy Prizm last November, it ate up my savings, and I've had a couple problems with it, mainly because of Carmax (where i bought it from) is stupid. They didn't put an air filter in it and there was a leak in the oil. Annnyway... so now the Check engline light came on, however, it's at 30,400, so I was wondering if that's just a routine check engine light thing -as in if chevy's always have their lights come on at 30,000- or if I should take it in. I'm going down to Orlando, now I live in Tallahassee for school, within the week, do you guys think I can wait until I take it into carmax, or should I take it to a chevy dealer now? --i would much rather take it into carmax in Orlando becase my mom owes me some money, whereas here, I have none left...eeks.
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