toke81 (toke81) wrote in crappycarclub,

My crappy camry

First time joining a community, but this is probably the first one I can relate to also. I mean, who hasn't had a crappy car at least once in their life (besides the upper brackets, I guess)?

Well, it's a 93 Camry V6 XLE with every single option available at that time. Bought it in relatively ok condition a year ago for $3000 with about 125K on it. Now it's got 142K on it and probably about everything that could go wrong with it has gone wrong.

I've gone through (in only one year) two transmissions, two radiators, two sets of tires, a water pump, an alternator, a cylanoid, 3 timing belts, 2 power steering belts, an a/c compressor, the entire audio system had to be replaced, two doors, and a power antenna.

Now I don't know if it's the car's fault, or just my bad luck, but I'm pretty sure it qualifies as a crappy car.
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