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Bled Dry

How do you tell a Crappy Car from one thats just being stubborn? By how much dosh you dish out and how frequently for repairs, thats a good sign. This morning (cold and raining) I took my Mazda SH (Shit Heap) in to have the alternator laughed at. I have no mechanical skills, mechanics are a necessary evil. Sure enuf, the alt has seized up, its now gone from being a simple bearing replacement to a 3 times the cost replacement job. Instead of spinning quietly and smoothly, the alt rattled and ground when spun around. ALSO the alt drive belt is rooted (his words) cos it just spun around the pulley when the alt seized. Now this is a BRAND NEW belt, two weeks old. He says it`ll be allright for awhile, tho. Also the new alt is not charging the batt fully, about 1 volt less than it should so theres something amiss between the alt and batt. Typical. It all cost about all I had, after doing groceries today as well I had 5c in my bank account. Grrrr.
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