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My Crappy Car

Hi. My CC is an 84 Mazda Familia 323 Station Wagon. Its a Japanese import and a rear wheel drive, making finding spares a bit hard. Its also a 1300cc, so its not too powerful. At the moment the alternator is fucking out, theres a constant grinding noise but is still charging. Till today. Coming back from a school event all of a sudden a high pitched noise comes on and the battery light on the dash comes on. I pulled over, popped the bonnet and theres a horrible smell that greets me. The alt looks ok, belts are ok but that smell is not the best. I had booked the beast into the auto electrician`s tomorrow to have the bearings on the alt replaced ( I looked around to get a spare alt install but thats another story!) but now I think the windings are fucked and burnt out. So that`ll be more money. I`ll upload pics sometime and add more about it, you`ll agree it is a crappy car.
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