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Update on the TAURUSAURUS

Yes, my baby has a name now hahahaha... i shall call her, him, it, whatever... the TAURUSAURUS!!!! its a beast hahaha anyways heres the new problems on it:

- the wiring is screwed up as all hell, the heat "magically" goes on and stays on until i turn off the car and let it sit for a couple hrs. during this time, the tape player just kinda.... doesnt work, same with the radio. just kinda shut off

-it now was 113,336 miles. yay!

- i got it up to 101 mph on the highway, but it began to shake, so i slowed down to 90

-i scrapped the right side against a rock outside of my friends house, stupid suburban driveway lol

-the power antenna is no longer powered, and it is no longer going up or down. its stuck in there, so when i turn off the car, i hear the gears going whurrrrrrrrr eventually it shuts up

-what fun, the source of my mp3 player adaptation, the casette player, no longer works at all! so i not had to get a cigarette lighter adapter. o well as long as i have some way to play my tunes.

-everytime i brake, the brake sign goes on, dunno what that means tho ::gulps::

-oil change time will be soon

-got some scrathes on the bumper from when i hit a couple curbs when it was ridiculously icey out two months ago. thank god for touch up paint.

-the rust is coming back where i treated it before. wonderful.

-rust on the hood is getting worse, ahhhhhh

-the dashboard plastic glue is starting to give way, now i can see the wiring. yes! tried to use super glue to make it stick and then held it for half an hr...... came apart two days later.

-i put a bumper sticker on my car that says "high performance" lol!!! :D
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