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Car for sale..

Don't know if any of you are into Volvos but here goes.

I'm selling an '87 Volvo 240 DL Sedan. It's white with blue interior. The body is near perfect. Good tires and the wheels haven't been curbed. It's on the Corona GL wheels. The interior of the car is very clean, especially for a car of this age. Car run very well. It does not have a working a/c afaik. Oil leaks are MINIMAL, but the tranny leaks.

Car has an interesting story behind it.. It was purchased in Japan by a man in the military who then brought it to the states. The man who I picked the car up from has owned the car since it was at 4800 miles! The odometer is broken but it has around 150,000 on it (still a baby!). I've only had the car a few months now. I've done a few things to it but I cannot afford to keep the car. I've done a few things to the car and its very driveable.

I've got the ipd VX cam sitting around somewhere for those of you interested.

I'll get pictures soon.

I'm asking for 2200.
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